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Lehigh Communication Center

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What is the Lehigh Communication Center (LCC)?

The Lehigh Communication Center is a web-based initiative designed to centralize and efficiently expedite all communication throughout the Lehigh community, be it subs or employees.

The Lehigh Communication Center currently consists of two central components, Project Solutions and Lehigh Family Net.

Project Solutions - A  fully integrated web application, built to be the technological nerve center for all Lehigh projects.
  Features Include:
   * Online RFIs
   * Online Submittals
   * Online RFAs
   * Electronic Purchase Orders and Change Orders
   * Job specific upload/download areas
   * Full tracking and logging capabilites for every Job transaction

Lehigh Family Net - an interactive web-site, built for the exchange of information between the friends and families of Lehigh.
  Features Include:
   * General announcements of upcoming Lehigh events
   * Current company and employee news
   * Photo galleries of Lehigh events and jobs